Make your corporate vehicle into a moving billboard!

We believe in giving your business maximum exposure, as efficiently as possible, in order to reduce your overall advertising costs. Vehicle graphics are an excellent and cost-effective way to increase the coverage of your company’s brand.

Vehicle Wrap Facts
  • Vehicle graphics advertising your brand can generate 30,000-70,000 views a day!
  • Outdoor Advertising Magazine reports that wrapped vehicles have a 97% recall rate amongst viewers.
  • The Federal Highway Administration reports that Americans are spending more time on the road than ever before, with the average person travelling over 300 miles in the last week.
  • Pedestrian traffic continues to increase in metropolitan areas, representing a valuable opportunity for your brand to be seen on your vehicles.
  • In most cases, graphics can be applied to a vehicle for less than the monthly cost of billboard advertising, and they last for years!

Vehicle Wraps